How to Make Your Card Digital

There's certainly a new trend in business cards: digital versions. And I'm not just talking about vCards offered by Microsoft Outlook. There seems to be a few companies popping up that offer so much more.
I always talk (and write) about the importance of having business cards—even as a student—and an online presence. Digital business cards allow you to do both.


According to Mashable, DooID is a free business card Web site tool that lets you put an attractive, accessible page together with all of your social networks, contact information and work info in one place. You can also choose to make some information available only to users who have access to a special guest password.
The basic version is free, which allows users to embed their business cards on any Web site or social network. However, they also offer a paid version ($35.88 per year or $3.99 per month) that lets users add an e-mail contact form, upload résumés as PDFs, have more control over the RSS feed, have access to more themes and also have access to an iPhone version of the site for an enhanced mobile look. Check out this website for more info about business cards .

The basic version of is also free, which includes a limited choice of "skins" and RSS feeds. However, users are able to add personal details and links to approximately 50 online profiles/social networking sites. Just like DooID, you can embed your just about anywhere.
The paid version ($24.99 per year) comes with more themes to choose from, unlimited RSS streams, and more.